Clicker Training Clinics in August and Update from Georgia

Clicker Training Clinics in August and Update from Georgia

Hi Everyone!
Well I have just returned from 3 full on weeks of clicker training clinics in NSW and VIC. I would really like to thank everyone involved in the clinics. Especially the following people who helped to organise the clinics, had me stay at their places and helped transport me to and from each clinic destination. Jan Tribe, Chrissie Johnson, Viv Turnor, Jan Sharp, Trish Kruse and Susie Walker. I would also like to thank everyone who turned up at the clinics as participants and spectators. The weather was not so great for the clinics, we had a lot of rain, wind, hail and freezing cold conditions. What impressed me was how keen everyone was to carry on with their lessons and use them as training opportunities. We certainly demonstrated that clicker training can help horses focus even in the most extreme weather conditions. It is wonderful to see so many people and their horses really starting to click and I thoroughly enjoy teaching people who are so enthusiastic and dedicated.
It is great to be home and I have to say that even though I had a great time down south it is really nice to get back home to fine, warm warmer weather in far north Queensland.
It is also good to see my horses again. Rumby and Pete will get a surprise when they actually get to do some clicker training instead of just standing in the paddock. I have been so busy doing clinics and away so much this year I have not had hardly any time to play with my own horses. So it will be nice to have a couple of weeks at home to give them some attention.

Coming up for the rest of 2013 will continue to be busy with lots more clinics as well as a two demonstrations at Equitana in November. I will also have a new edition of my book “How to Click with Your Horse” coming out in the next few months. The next edition will be quite different to previous editions. I have taken note of where most people get confused or struggle with introducing their horse to clicker training. I have made a lot of changes to both the theory and the practical sections of the book and I hope that this will make it easier for both horses and people to understand and apply clicker training.

Well that is all for now. Until next time,
Happy Clicking,
from Georgia 🙂

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