Foundation & Advanced Group Clinics

Group clinics limited to 8-10 horses and people.

The foundation clinic provides a unique opportunity to learn the fundamentals of clicker training in a fun group setting.
Foundation Clinic includes 2 days of extensive practical learning as well as theory sessions.

In the theory we will cover:

  • How horses learn
  • The behaviour science behind clicker training (how it works).
  • How to apply clicker training effectively.
  • How to train any behaviour at all.
  • How to solve behaviour problems.


Clinic Cost: $300 per person. (Includes 2 clickers)

The topics of the practical sessions will depend on what the individual group is interested in and may include:

  • Getting started with safely introducing your horse to clicker training.
  • Ground Work and In-hand training
  • Desensitizing
  • Liberty Training
  • Trick Training
  • Solving Behaviour Problems
  • Riding with the Clicker
  • Foundation training under saddle


Clinic Cost: $300 per person. (Includes 2 clickers)

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