Equine Clicker Academy – Information and Sign Up

Hey clicker friend 🙂

I have sent you the link to this page because you were interested in joining my Equine Clicker Academy. I am currently recovering from some health issues and so I have more time to help people online. This is also why I am offering the Academy at a reduced price for a limited time.
The information about the Equine Clicker Academy is below, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me via email , or facebook message or phone (Australian mobile): 0414138564

Here is the information about the Equine Clicker Academy… please read all the way to the bottom of page for info on how to sign up 🙂


Equine Clicker Academy Includes:

– Access to the online portal and video training library
This online course is one of a kind. It is not just an equine clicker training course. I have spent more than 20 years learning, experimenting and practicing with hundreds of horses.
I have studied how animals learn and worked not only with horses but also with exotic animals in zoos. I have trained horses from young horses, wild horses and horses with behaviour problems right through to elite performance in dressage, western, liberty and tricks.

This Equine Clicker Academy includes introduction to clicker training, extensive systematic groundwork, desensitizing, handling feet, lunging, long reining, float loading, starting a young horse under saddle, riding with the clicker, liberty training, trick training and problem solving. I use clicker training sometimes on its own and sometimes in combination with horsemanship and classical training so this course is very different to any other clicker training course.

So far there are over 120 videos demonstrating with a variety of horses. So you don’t have to wonder what to do next with your horse, you can just look at the videos and see what step I would do next.
You can watch the videos on your phone while you are out with your horse and then put them into practice, or you can watch them on your laptop or desktop computer and hook it up to your TV for comfortable viewing in your lounge room. The video library is growing all the time and I have big plans for this platform. There is also so far lots of downloadable .pdf files and text. The online portal is an invaluable resource.

As well as access to the online portal you will also receive: 


– Access to a pdf version of my book “How to Click With Your Horse
This book includes: The science of training and how horses learn. Applying science to horse training, introducing your horse to clicker training, groundwork, desensitising, handling feet, float loading, liberty training, solving behaviour problems, long reining, foundation training under saddle with clicker training, riding with the clicker and much more. This is really a comprehensive manual for training your horse with clicker training. This book was so popular that it sold over 1000 copies and sold out. It has been updated and is better than ever, it is now only available exclusively to people who do my online course.


– Access to a pdf version and hard copy of my book “How to teach your horse tricks with Clicker Training”
Includes how to teach your horse tricks including: smile, kiss, picking things up, fetch, soccer, Spanish walk, bow, rear, lay down, and more… inventing your own tricks & combining tricks.


– 3 DVD set “Beginning to Click With Your Horse”.
Introduction to clicker training and using clicker training for groundwork.


– Access to our private Equine Clicker Academy facebook group and our web forum. 
This is a great way to connect with other like-minded people. Share your story and to make new friends. This is a supportive and inclusive group. You can also learn a lot by following other people’s journeys with their horses and seeing what suggestions I may give them etc.


– Access to watch live streaming real time training videos with me and my horses as well as other horses, clinics and lessons. So you get a chance to watch me train horses in real time live and unedited. Grab a coffee and come and watch me training. You can also ask questions or have me demonstrate something need more clarification on.


– Advice on diet, care, conditioning and management of your horse.
Achieving your goals with your horse means more than just a good training plan. We will need to look at all aspects of your horse’s care and management to ensure a happy healthy horse and a successful training plan.


– One on one video chat with me. We can connect via fb video chat and talk all about your horse. You can tell me where you are up to, your goals, any problems you are having and we can make a special training plan for your horse and I can also suggest videos from the training library that you can watch that will help you. The course includes 1  video chat, though I want to help you so I am happy to do more than this when I have time. Particularly if you are needing more support or guidance with an issue, solving a problem or getting to the next stage in your training. I am here to help you. I can also offer advice and suggestions through our private fb group “Equine Clicker Academy”.
All I ask from you is that you keep an open mind and are willing to try the things I suggest and that you will make time to practice.


– Film you and your horse training with your phone or tablet and show me how it is going.
All you need is to prop your phone on a fence and film 5 mins of something you want help with.
You can then post the video on our private facebook group or send me a link to google dropbox, youtube or other equivalent.  I review the video you have sent me. I take notes to give you feedback, we can then make changes to your training plan and guide you towards success.


– Lifetime access!
The online course is a self-paced course and you will have lifetime access to the video library. So there is no rush and you can access the course whenever it suits you. Whenever you are wondering what to do with your horse next, that is where I come in and give you some inspiration and guidance to help you plan and achieve your next training goals.

So you don’t have to worry if you have a busy lifestyle, there is no time limit. Every horse and human is an individual so how could there possibly be any kind of time limit. The only expectation of you will be that you keep an open mind and try the things I suggest.

You will have lifetime access to the online training portal once you sign up which means you will also get to see all new videos as I continue to upload them. I have big plans for this portal to include training videos on riding, dressage, jumping, working equitation, trail riding, reining, showing and more…It takes time to make something like this so you will get continued access to it as I continue to expand the site. Also I am a forever student, I am always trying to learn more and improve my own understanding and techniques. I regularly attend behaviour conferences, seminars, lessons, clinics and lectures. As I learn more I will also share with you things I have learned so that you and your horse can benefit as well.  Lifetime access is not going to be available for all customers who sign up forever, this is a limited time opportunity.


– Clicker starter pack
Includes: 2 Clickers, Treat bag, Extendable target stick, Trick book and 3 DVD set.
Will be posted to you.








– Lifetime access to extensive step by step video library.
– Video coaching call.
– Video reviews when possible.
– Access to watch live training and Q & A
– Private fb group “Equine Clicker Academy”                                          
– pdf Book “How to Click With Your Horse:
– pdf Book “How to Teach Your Horse Tricks
– 3 DVD Set Introduction to Clicker Training
– 2 Clickers
– Bumbag
– Target stick

The total value of this course is well over $2000

I am recovering from a health condition so I currently have more time available to help people,
so I am offering this special price for a limited time: $1068. (AUD)

I also accept 12 monthly payment plans: $89 (AUD) a month for 12 months.

This works out to be around $2.90 a day which is less than a cup of coffee per day. Have a coffee with me instead, have fun, make friends and achieve your goals with your horse! Once you have paid the full amount you will have LIFETIME ACCESS to the online course.


How to Sign Up:

Complete the following sign up form with details about you and your horse.
Follow this link to fill out the sign up form:

I can accept payment via PayPal into the account email: clickertraining@gmail.com
To pay the full amount via paypal CLICK HERE

Or direct deposit/wire transfer into the Australian Westpac account below:
Account Name: Georgia Bruce
BSB: 034158
Account Number: 156158

Once you have paid. Email me a screen shot of your payment so I can get you signed up to the portal and also post out your starter pack.

Payment plans available:You can access today and pay it off over 12 months.

$89 per month for 12 months.

If you would like to pay via payment plan through paypal CLICK HERE

Welcome and let’s get started!

Once you have paid and returned the form we can get started!
I will send you a link so you can sign in and access the online course portal.
I will also post your starter kit in the mail with clickers, treat bag, target stick, book and dvds.

Make sure you add me as a friend on facebook and then I can add you to the
Equine Clicker Academy private facebook group.

If you have any questions or problems signing up please send me a message, I’m right here and ready to help.

Kind Regards,