Clicker Training

Bring out the best in your horse

  • IMAGINE having a joyful relationship with your horse.
  • Modern, science based training with clear communication & REWARDS.
  • Training that is FUN for you & the horse!
  • ACHIEVE your goals with your horse & solve behaviour problems.

Clickers, Treat Bags, Books, etc

About Clicker Training
Clicker training is based on behavioural psychology and is backed by decades of scientific research.  Clicker training incorporates the use of a marker signal (clicker) and positive reinforcement, usually in the form of food rewards.

Clicker trained horses are more motivated, learn faster, as well as becoming  more relaxed, trusting and confident. With clicker training your horse becomes an enthusiastic, willing, participant in the training process. Clicker training is being used successfully by horse owners, riders and trainers around the world. Clicker training works with horses of all ages and breeds. Clicker training will help you whether you want a happy horse that is easy to handle and ride or you want to achieve your goals in the competition arena.

Clicker training is considered best practice by international animal training organisations. Clicker training is used in zoo’s and marine parks around the world. It is used and recommended by professional animal trainers of all species, including horses, dogs, cats, birds, sheep, lamas, camels, goats, and all other animals. Clicker training even works with people!
Clicker training will help you bring out the best in your horse.

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