What can I use clicker training for?

What can I use clicker training for?

Clicker training can be used to teach your horse almost anything!

Clicker training can be used for:

  • Groundwork, handling, leading, in hand work.
  • Teach the horse to have their feet and legs handled safely.
  • Bombproofing, desensitizing the horse to scary objects, tarps,
    clippers, hosing, standing still for plaiting etc.
  • Loading and unloading in floats and horse trucks.
  • Teaching the horse to accept injections, wormers or allow you to
    treat an injury or apply medication.
  • Starting young horses under saddle.
  • Starting horses in harness.
  • Teaching and training all types of performance horses
  • Teaching dressage movements, improving gaits and paces.
  • Work through sticky spots in training, piaffe, flying changes.
  • Teach your horse western, improve spins, rollbacks etc,
  • Teach your barrel racing horse to turn tighter, and run faster,
  • Jumping horses, click for clearing the jump, technique or style,
  • Halter classes, teach the horse to “stand up”, square and posed.
  • Trail riding, click the horse for approaching scarey obstacles.
  • Get your horse used to working in a group of other horses.
  • Teach your horse to be calm at a show or event.
  • Train your horse to work at liberty.
  • Teach your horse tricks, what ever you can think up!
  • Pony club, improve the horses games, gymkhana workouts.
  • Improve the horse’s responsiveness to your seat and aids.-
  • Create the horse that “wants to” perform, the “happy athlete”.

These are only some examples of what is possible with clicker training! Once you learn how to apply clicker training you will be able to use the clicker to help teach your horse anything that you want them to learn.

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